Unbenanntes Dokument
The real Moonshinelady

One Day my dreams came to live,
She was dangerous as a knief,
Looked like the sweetest clementine,
And her tongue tastests of wine.

I saw her a week ago in the Night,
Until this time I fought my hardest fight,
I looked for her on every place,
I wished I could fly to the space.

I really know she is there,
Sitting on a star somewhere,
Talking with the moon,
Wich will shine soon.

I often remember of her long golden hair,
It´s something me really care,
I belive I will find her one day,
Thats all what I pray.

When I look in the sky my heart is on fire,
I hate feeling this, the pains are so dire,
I hope in the future I can beat ém,
In her honor I ride this poem.
17.6.08 18:29

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